# 38 Time to attempt assignment 3!


Overwhelmed! Procrastinating! Unmotivated! But yet it still needs to be done! Today I plan to start drafting part B for assignment 3.

Overview of my context…. What I know so far…..

  • Will be teaching students from Prep to year 6 students
  • Prep and year 1 students are doing ball activities and games
  • Year 2 – 6 students learning and training for athletics
  • Limited access to ICTs with only 1-2 I-pads available as stopwatches as mentioned by mentor

Before starting I decided to check out fellow EDC3100 thoughts regarding assignment 3. Nicole suggested some excellent tips for essay writing. She writing 300 words for 5 days it a great way of breaking down the assignment and feels like you are making progressing. Personally I like setting small goals when planning for assignment as it makes the task more achievable and feel s like you are actually making progress!


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