#31 Digital Citizenship?

pc-185837_960_720So the learning path this week is all about digital citizenship. Likewise fellow EDC3100 classmate Ashley, high school was about the time when I gained most of my knowledge of how to use ICTs safely and responsibly. Reading Ashley’s posted also reminded myself of the MSN network (as mentioned in her post) and yes this highly addictive (at that age)!
I am consciously aware of what I post on Facebook and try to keep anything that I post or even share (which is rare) to a minimal.

Bullying Quiz
For the bullying quiz that we had to complete for the learning path I scored 2 out of 4.
Q1. True or False? Students who often take part in bullying others usually have problems with low self-esteem.
By looking at this question I thought it would have been true as many of the bullies are children who come from troubled families or have many issues of their own (well that’s what I thought)
Q2. True or False? It is a federal criminal offence to use a mobile phone or internet carrier to impersonate someone or to send/post offensive, defamatory, menacing or harassing images or text.
Got that one correct.
Q3. True or False? Cyberbullying is now the most common form of bullying that occurs in secondary schools.
This one surprised me with the growing use of technologies. I thought this would have been the most common form of bullying.
Q4. True or False? The most effective approach to putting a stop to a bullying situation is to provide an opportunity for the student who is being bullied to learn and practise specific social skills such as being assertive.
Well I got this one correct.

Cyberbullying Quiz
22/25 first go. It did make myself stop and think though! I feel as this would be a useful quiz for students to complete in the classroom as there is so much they need to know and consider when using the internet.


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